Nigeria Election: Buhari receives Certificate of Return from INEC

...appreciates President Jonathan and to Nigerians, "it is you... who have won".

Buhari INEC

Posted by Ambassador T. Brikins

General, Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s president-elect, was a Certificate of Return by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.
The chairman of INEC, Attahiru Jega, handed the certificate to Mr. Buhari, and the vice president-elect, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, on Wednesday.
Mr. Buhari defeated President Goodluck Jonathan in the presidential election that took place Saturday , March 28, 2015..
 “Change has finally come  to Nigeria...the long night has passed",General Buhari said, shortly after receiving the certificate.
Muhammadu Buhari, who dedicated his victory  to Nigerians, said  they are the ultimate victors.
He emphasised that “In a more profound way, it is you, Nigerians that have won. The people have shown their love for our nation and their belief in democracy”.
Buhari said Nigerians have made history, and that it was the resolve of Nigerians that made the change they were yearning for possible.
“The good people of Nigeria, answered the call of history. When the account of this fine moment is written, it will be said that it was the people themselves who led this nation to democracy,” he said.
“You stood in line patiently for hours in the sun, rain and then in the dark to cast your ballots. Even when the vote was extended to Sunday in some places, you still performed your civic duty. You did so peacefully. You voted with your heart. Your vote affirms that you believe Nigeria’s future can be better than what it is today.
“You voted for change and now change has come,” he said.

Appreciates President Jonathan

General  Buhari also confirmed receiving  a call from President Goodluck Jonathan “at exactly 5:15pm” congratulating him for his victory.
“For this I want all Nigerians to join me in congratulating and appreciating Mr President for his statesmanship,” he said.
He also said Mr. Jonathan engaged in a spirited campaign and was a worthy opponent.
“I extend my hand of fellowship to him. I look forward to meeting him soon as we plan the transition from one administration to another. He will receive nothing but understanding, cooperation and respect from me and my team,” Mr. Buhari said
The president-elect also thanked Nigerians for putting their faith in him, even as he said the country has now joined the ranks of those nations that have used the ballot box to peacefully change an incumbent President in a free and fair election.
“To me this is indeed historic,” he said.
Mr. Buhari reiterated his earlier call to all his supporters to remain peaceful as they go about their celebrations and not engage those who never wanted a change.
“Most people will welcome the result because it is the one they voted for. Others will naturally be disappointed. I ask that we all be circumspect, respectful and peaceful in these times,” he said.
He said the electioneering was a hard- fought contest, adding emotions are presently high.
“We must not allow them to get the better of us. This is not the time for confrontation. This is a moment that we must begin to heal the wounds and work toward a better future.
“We do this first by extending a hand of friendship and conciliation across the political divide. We hope and pray our friends in other parties reciprocate,” he said.
Mr. Buhari said he will address the nation after receiving his certificate of return from INEC possibly Wednesday.

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