200 Inspiring Christian Influencers To Follow In 2021

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Christiano Ronaldo

'' Ronaldo was raised in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. He has also won series of awards and is currently the richest athlete according to Forbes. Although, he isn't concerned with religion like other top football players in the world like Kaka, Neymar or Lionel Messi. He still regards himself as a Roman Catholic''

Compiled  by Lily Scott  

We’ve compiled a list of 200 Christian influencers to follow   in 2021.


The following influencers have been grouped into these categories:




Fashion & Beauty


Inspiration, Motivation, & Life Coaching


Parenting & Motherhood

Health & Wellness





1) Paige Taylor- @paigesproverbs

Paige shares her faith, stories of her marriage, motherhood, and her favorite lifestyle products on her blog, Paige’s Proverbs. She loves that blogging has given her an opportunity to teach others about Christ.


2) Danna Miller- @itsdannamiller

Danna is a Christian lifestyle Instagram influencer and YouTuber. Some of her popular content includes marriage advice, hauls, recipes, and vlogs.


3) Ayanna- @whengracecalled

Ayanna is an Instagram influencer and YouTuber. She encourages others to strengthen their walk with God and embrace grace with their lifestyle. Ayanna posts a mix of recipes, fashion, encouragement, and more.


4) Meredith Foster- @meredithfoster

Meredith is a YouTuber and co-hosts the podcast, Unfiltered Faith, where she speaks on topics such as dating as a young Christian and recovering from an eating disorder. She makes posts related to her faith, her favorite books, and her favorite products.


5) Meg Flower- @meglovesjesus

Meg Flower is a blogger, YouTuber, and future theology student based in Australia. She makes her own Bible studies and posts them to her website. She also makes content on prayer journaling, her marriage, and traveling.


6) Kenzie Elizabeth Piper- @kenzieelizabeth

Kenzie is a YouTuber with over 300,000 subscribers and a host of two podcasts (The Living Room Daily and ilysm). She creates faith-based content, gift guides, vlogs, and more across several platforms.


7) Lisa Medina- @lisa_faye_medina

Lisa is a blogger and influencer who is busy creating a life and home she loves. She posts content such as inspiration, projects, decor inspo, and family pics!


8) Jamie Thorpe- @homeofuandme

Jamie is a Christian blogger whose content consists of DIY home projects, home decor inspiration, and cute pictures of her everyday life.


9) Allie- @prvbsthirtyonegirl

Allie is a small business owner and blogger living in Minnesota. Her content ranges from gift guides to Bible plans. She posts pictures on Instagram of all her incredible DIY’s and home renovations.


10) Heather Elizabeth- @happily_heather_after

Heather is a Christian blogger and Instagram influencer. She posts on a wide variety of topics, anything from recipes to mental health. If you love some range – she’s your girl!


11) Cassidy Poe- @cassidysheart

Cassidy helps women deepen their faith and manage chronic illnesses. On her Instagram, she posts inspirational content. On her blog, she has free resources, such as verses for battling chronic illnesses, as well as posts about her faith.


12) Patti Jensen- @a.grateful.girl

Patti is a Christian blogger who is focused on celebrating the good things in life. She shares recipes, DIY’s, encouragement, home decor, and more on her blog.


13) Sarah Hauser- @sarah.j.hauser

Sarah is a writer, speaker, and blogger who creates a variety of content for your lifestyle.


She creates content such as a Biblical truth series, motherhood, and recipes. Sarah has a newsletter called The Monthly Refill, which gives a recap of her recent blog posts as well as a short devotion.


Nourishing the souls of others is her main goal.


14) Bunmi Roberts- @bunmiroberts

Bunmi is a Christian lifestyle blogger. She creates content on motherhood, reviews, family, and recipes.


15) Tiffany Nicole- @xotiffanynicole

Tiffany is a Christian blogger and the founder of Lavender Vines Co, a Christian greeting card company. On her blog and Instagram, you will find style content, Bible studies, and personal stories.


16) Samanta Steffer- @paintedivory.co

Samanta shares her journey with non-toxic living on her blog and Instagram. She also posts about her family, marriage, reviews, and inspiration.


17) Nicole- @theholyhippie

Nicole is a self-proclaimed “clutter coach.” She helps busy women declutter their hearts and homes with content centered around tips for decluttering your home and tips for decluttering your mind in a Christian way.


If you check out her Instagram, you’ll find reels of short encouraging videos, graphics about decluttering your mind, and some incredible “clutter” before and afters!


18) Joy Pitner- @joy.pitner

If you’ve seen the “Jesus is Bigger Board” on Instagram, you have Joy Pitner to thank. Joy is a small business owner, creator of the “Jesus is Bigger Board,” and Instagram influencer. She makes various types of content such as cooking tips, decor inspiration, and homeschooling tips.


19) Courtney Foster- @courtneytfoster

Courtney has a super cool job as the director of culture at Chick-fil-A. When she’s not busy working, she creates content centered around teaching the Bible, tips for budgeting, and tips for health.


20) Julia Mann- @juliamariemann

Julia and her husband sold everything to live abroad in Spain because she felt that God was calling her to. Julia shares encouragement, photography tips, and stories of her life abroad on her blog, as well as her Instagram.


21) Courtney Mielle- @courtneymielle

Courtney is a photographer, writer, homemaker, and wife. On her blog and her Instagram, she shares recipes, stories of her marriage, her faith, and shares the uses of essential oils.


22) Camryn Glackin- @camrynmglackin

Camryn shares her life on her Instagram and blog. Some examples of content she posts are hauls, inspiration, daily vlogs, and how-to’s.


23) Becca Smith- @scoutandbex

Becca is a Christian lifestyle blogger who shares everything from stories of singleness to her favorite Christmas movies.


24) Cara Slabach- @caraslabach

Cara shares photos of her family, recipes, and travel on her Instagram page. Her family has embarked on the journey of building their own farmhouse, which she now spends many days documenting on her Instagram.


25) Katy Gregory- @thefaithlady

Katy is a YouTuber who shares snips of her life, her favorite Bible verses, and favorite lifestyle products. Katy makes videos such as “Best Christian Planner for 2021” and “Top Christian Books of 2020.”


26) Sadie Robertson Huff- @legitsadierob

Sadie Robertson is known for being the daughter of Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty, but few people know she also shares glimpses of her life on social media. From podcasting to speaking on YouTube – there’s really nothing she can’t do!


27) Anna Jaski- @annaclairejaski

Anna is a North Carolina influencer with content based around her life. She also makes amazing Instagram reels, such as “How to Make Iced Chai at Home” and “How to Customize Your Home Screen.”


28) Savannah Labrant- @sav.labrant

Savannah is arguably one of the most popular Christian influencers today. She makes content and vlogs about her daily life with her husband, Cole, and their three children.


29) Ryanne Marie- @iamryannemarie

Ryanne shares a peek into her life on her Instagram and will soon have her blog up and running. She creates lifestyle content revolving around scripture.


30) Kirby Minnick-Kelly- @kirbyisaboss

Kirby is a Christian speaker, YouTuber, traveler, and podcaster. She posts content with her husband, giveaways, skincare favorites, and inspiration.



31) Annie Downs- @anniefdowns

Annie is the author of That Sounds Fun, releasing in February 2021, all about what it means to have fun. On her Instagram, she posts content such as what she’s currently reading, yummy foods, and her favorite accessories.


32) Phylicia Masonheimer- @phyliciamasonheimer

Phylicia is an author set on teaching Christians how to know what they believe and live it boldly. She posts book reviews, Christian inspiration, and personal stories on her Instagram and blog.


33) Alexis Klein- @alexisrebklein

Alexis is the author of Full: How to Quit Living with the Glass Half Empty. On her Instagram, she shares snippets of her personal life and personal stories in regard to her faith.


34) Laura Thomas- @lauracthomas

Laura is a Christian romance and suspense writer with several published works. Along with her Instagram where she shares photos of her life, she also has a blog where she shares messages of faith and some of her favorite reads.


35) Brittany Rust- @brittanyrust

Brittany is an author who already has three published works to help Christians grow closer to Christ and is planning on releasing two more in 2021.


She also is a blogger who shares posts about her faith and an Instagram influencer who shares mini-sermons on her page.


36) Joy Osahon- @speakwithjoy

Joy is the author of This Is Not Your “Typical Finding Your Purpose” Book. Joy is an author, speaker, and blogger who hopes to change the conversation on the purpose of life.


37) Destiny Thomas- @realizing_destiny

Destiny Thomas takes female millennial entrepreneurs through “prayerpy” (prayer and therapy) so they can heal internally and aren’t just successful financially. She has two books on the subject.


38) Jamie Ivey- @jamieivey

Jamie is a podcaster, speaker, and the author of You Be You and If You Only Knew. If You Only Knew is Jamie’s story of freedom, when she began trusting Jesus to make something beautiful out of her mess. You Be You shows how to live life abundantly and throw out false ideas of success with the help of God.


39) Emily Lex- @emilylexstudio

Emily Lex is multi-talented – an author and an artist.


Emily’s debut book Freely and Lightly will be released on March 2nd of 2021. Freely and Lightly shows spiritual insight from Emily’s own experiences and wisdom from God’s word on how important Jesus’ invitation to rest truly is.


For now, Emily has released an excerpt of her wonderful book and posts Christian encouragement almost daily on her Instagram.


40) Alli Worthington- @alliworthington

Alli is a speaker, coach, entrepreneur, and author. Alli’s book, Standing Strong: A Woman’s Guide to Overcoming Adversity and Living with Confidence, teaches women to stop focusing on all the reasons why they can’t and start focusing on the God who always can.


41) Jessa Connolly- @jessaconnolly

Jess wants to leave her generation more in awe of God than she found it, which is why she writes. She has several books, including Glory Girl specifically for tween girls, all revolving around God and the unique gifts He has given each of us. Jess also has a podcast, newsletter, blog, and more!


42) Nicole Unice- @nicoleunice

Nicole is a speaker, author, leadership coach, and podcast host. She has several books that range from God-centered help for daily struggles to Bible study help. On social media, Nicole shares helpful ways to study the Bible, devotions, encouragement, prayer challenges, and more.


43) Asherita Ciuciu- @asheritah

Asherita’s goal is to help women enjoy Jesus every day through creative Bible habits. She hopes to accomplish her goal by being an author, podcast host, and speaker. Asherita is the author of the Quiet Time Journal: 90 Day Bible Study and Prayer Journal.


44) Lydia Lucas- @iamlydialucas

Lydia Lucas is the author of A New Thing. This is Lydia’s personal story about her journey with God, and she hopes it will resonate with other women who have been through similar situations. On social media, Lydia posts encouragement and often posts videos with devotional tips.


45) Eliza Noel- @elizanoelauthor

Eliza is a positive fiction writer whose books are perfect for a younger audience. On her Instagram, she posts about her life and her books.


46) Angela McCawley Lee- @while_in_waiting

Angela is the author of While in Waiting, which is about her journey through heartache, hope, and healing in her struggle with infertility. She’s also a blogger and a leader of Moms in the Making, a faith-based fertility support organization. Whether you are struggling with infertility or you want to see the goodness of God in action, Angela has content for you!


47) Talasi Guerra- @talasiguerra

Talasi is a wife, mom, author, and mental health advocate. Her book, Joy Like a Mountain, is all about unleashing the power of Biblical joy on the journey of life.


48) Elizabeth Thompson- @elizabethlaingthompson

Elizabeth strives to find humor in holiness and hope in heartbreak. She is the author of All the Feels and When God Says “Wait.” Both focus on our emotions, not losing our faith, and living life for Jesus.


She shares messages of hope and helpful articles such as “5 Bible Verse to Give You Hope” on her Instagram and blog.


49) Joanna Lynn- @iamjoannalynn

Joanna is a Texas podcaster, author, and Jesus girl. Joanna’s book Overcoming is a collection of transparent moments, highlighting and giving insight on how Joanna learned to trust God.


On Joanna’s social media, she posts encouragement and messages of hope.


50) Katie Westenberg- @ichoosebrave

Katie helps women learn to fear God and live bravely through her book I Choose Brave. Katie posts words of encouragement on her Instagram.


51) Carla Gasser- @carlagasseratc

Carla is an author, blogger, and speaker. Her book, The Beauty of an Uncluttered Soul, teaches women to declutter their souls by allowing God’s spirit to transform them from the inside out.



52) Ashley- @eclectic_modesty

Ashley is a modest fashion influencer. On her Instagram, she focuses her outfits on modesty and shows you can be trendy and modest at the same time.


53) Jaclynn Denton- @jaclynnnbrooke

Jaclynn is a YouTuber and Christian influencer whose content focuses on fashion, beauty, and Jesus.


On her Instagram, she links her outfits and posts pictures of her everyday life, while on YouTube she creates content such as vlogs and hauls. She is looked up to for her style by teen Christian girls.


54) Rossely Cortorreal- @rosselycortorreal

Rossely is a fashion content creator with a focus on confidence. She posts style inspiration, encouragement, and product reviews on her Instagram.


55) Hannah Denton- @hannahldenton

Hannah is a Christian YouTuber and influencer who focuses her content around faith, travel, and fashion. She creates content such as hauls and outfit inspiration videos.


56) Meredith Dwyer- @meredithdwyer

Meredith is a fashion influencer who creates content such as reviews, daily outfits with links to purchase, and her favorite fashion pieces.


57) Ashley Bolivar- @ashleyamberbolivar

Ashley is a modest fashion Instagram influencer. She posts content such as outfit inspiration for church and her favorite fashion pieces.


58) Kyli Raine- @stylinghearts

Kyli showcases affordable fashion pieces and beauty tricks on her blog and Instagram. Kyli creates content such as Walmart hauls, outfit inspiration, and sale notifications. She shows it is possible to be fashionable on any budget!


59) Kaitlyn Wittig- @callmekwitt

Kaitlyn shows her everyday style on her Instagram account. She gives style inspiration to women in all walks of life and makes sure to tag the products on her LiketoKnowIt so people can easily purchase the products.


60) Christa Marie- @stylewithmechristamarie

Christa showcases her everyday style on Instagram. She posts content such as her Amazon fashion favorites, #ootd’s, and fashion flat lays.


61) Karina- @karinastylediaries

Karina is a YouTuber, blogger, and Instagram influencer. She revolves her style around neutral colors and amazing makeup.


Examples of her content include a three-product smoky eye blog post, an H&M sweater haul on YouTube, and five ways to wear a leather mini skirt on her Instagram.


62) Lauren- @thriftyblondeblog

Lauren is a lover of fashion, color, and a great deal! She creates amazing fashion content, such as “Walmart Wednesdays,” where she showcases entire outfits from Walmart.


63) Leah Hall- @leahraquelhall

Leah is a southern California style blogger and 2021 bride. She broadcasts her faith, style, and beauty on Instagram. Some of her popular content includes small hauls and #ootd’s.


64) Destiny Kenna- @dessiekenna

Destiny is an NYC style blogger and college student. On her blog, she posts content such as style trends under $30 and simple outfit inspiration. On her Instagram, she posts aesthetic fashion and life inspo.


65) Jackie Carr- @jackiecarr_

Jackie is a pastor’s wife and a lover of feminine fashion. On her Instagram, she posts modest fashion inspo, her favorite fashion pieces, and #ootd’s.


66) Kenzie Goley- @kenziegoley

Kenzie loves fashion and is an editorial photographer and stylist. She posts incredible fashion and beauty inspiration in beautiful, aesthetic photographs. She’s your Pinterest board come to life!


67) Sierra Schultzzie- @schultzzie

Sierra is a Christian fashion YouTuber and Instagram influencer focused on plus-size, inclusive, and sustainable fashion. She strives for everyone to be kind to their bodies.


68) Virginia Lane- @virginiahlane

Virginia is a mom and wife sharing her daily style and good deals. She posts sale alerts almost daily on her Instagram stories. On her feed, you’ll see content like trendy fashion must-haves, how to style combat boots, and #ootd’s.


69) Erin Moody- @moody.wife

Erin shares her outfits, affordable beauty products, and her daily life on her Instagram feed.


70) Lena Kang- @lenaxstyle

Lena is an NYC style and beauty content creator. She shares her favorite products, #ootd’s, and promo codes on her Instagram page.


71) Jolie Jones- @joliejo.blogs

Jolie is a 16-year-old faith and fashion blogger. She posts creative content such as “styling my mom’s old clothes,” #ootd’s, and her favorite skincare products.


72) Gen de Vera- @styledbygen

Gen is an affordable fashion blogger. She showcases the best deals and daily outfits on her blog and Instagram.


73) Sarah Kate- @sarahkbross

Sarah Kate is a blogger who creates content such as sales guides, bestsellers, and outfit ideas on her blog. On her Instagram, she posts daily outfits and style inspiration.



74) Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober- @enneagramashton

Ashton is a life coach, podcast host, and enneagram extraordinaire. She uses her Instagram to create graphics about all the enneagram types and help people with the enneagram.


75) Jessica Betz- @meennneagram

Jessica is a campus missionary by day and an enneagram content creator by day-off. On her Instagram, she focuses on each enneagram type and creates clever graphics.


76) Tess O’Driscoll- @the.enneagram.mom

Speaker, mom, podcast host, and life coach, Tess motivates moms to find themselves and their families through the enneagram.


Tess creates helpful guides to parenting children each enneagram type and guides to help each type of mom.


77) Elisabeth Bennett- @enneagram.life

Elisabeth uses the enneagram as she lives for Jesus, and helps others do the same. She is a certified enneagram coach and creates content on how to relate to each enneagram.


78) Sarah Lansden- @daighthymeco

Sarah is an artist from North Carolina who creates art revolving around the enneagram. Some of her most popular content is enneagram types as television characters.


79) Madison- @personality_obsessed

Madison is enneagram- and Myers Briggs-obsessed. The content she makes includes enneagram types as colors, Evermore songs, fashion trends, and more.


80) Beth McCord- @yourenneagramcoach

Beth is a certified enneagram coach. She even has her own free enneagram test. She uses her Instagram and website to teach about each type.



81) Courtney Line- @courtney.l.line

Courtney is a woman on a mission to empower. She uses her Instagram to place inspirational and motivational content.


82) Hannah Butler- @hannahlubutler

Hannah is a blogger and Instagram influencer with hopes of getting people through the hard stuff in life. She has created a Bible plan which is on her blog and she shares devotionals on her Instagram often.


83) Mindy Watson- @imperfectlymindy

Mindy is a pastor and coach. She uses her Instagram to share inspirational content and snippets of her life.


84) Hannah Williamson- @hannahjanelwilliamson

Hannah is a Christian YouTuber and Instagram influencer who posts informational, motivational, and inspirational Christian content.


85) Joie Miller- @joiemiller

Joie is an inspirational blogger. She uses her blog and Instagram to encourage other women and lift us all up with motivational messages.


86) Mason Rae- @gloriousexpression

Mason uses her Instagram and YouTube channel to give girls a place to grow. She creates inspirational, Biblical content to teach others about Jesus and give them hope.


87) Ashley Jackson- @ashley.morgan.jackson

Ashley is a blogger and podcast host that creates encouragement for the soul. She is using her platforms to empower women through Christ and motivate them to push through their struggles.


88) Lisa Spivey- @lisakspivey

Lisa’s passion is seeing God set women free from their fears and pasts. Lisa writes messages of Christian hope and encouragement on her blog and her Instagram.


89) Ayanna Hall- @beyondcommitted

Ayanna helps wives and wives-to-be gain clarity, confidence, and connections. She posts encouragement and affirmations for these women so they can love themselves as much as they love those around them.


90) Megan Pamela- @shelivespurposefully

Megan guides and encourages women to live purposefully for Jesus. Her Instagram is full of devotionals and Christian encouragement.


91) Monica- @pineapple_momma

Monica posts stories of her faith and devotionals on her blog and Instagram. Her posts help uplift other women in their faith.


92) Marielle Cocuzzi- @mariellecocuzzi

Marielle is a blogger and Instagrammer who posts words of Christian encouragement to uplift others.


93) Nadia Thomas- @nadialouisethomas

Nadia inspires others with help of stories from her own life. She reminds others to take it easy on themselves and trust God.


94) Lexie Seamons- @lexieseamons

Lexie uses her Instagram to post encouraging stories of God’s love and faithfulness.


95) Grace Parker- @sharing.gods.grace

Grace shares stories of God’s goodness on her Instagram. Examples of the content she shares are Bible studies, testimonies, and Bible verses.


Her Instagram is a judgment-free zone where she encourages everyone to become an ambassador for Christ.


96) Dacia Brown- @daciabrownxo

Dacia helps women shift their mindset and get unstuck. She takes women through affirmations to better themselves.


97) Jenny Schwickerath- @jennyschwic

Jenny posts inspirational Christian posts and devotions on her Instagram in hopes to bring others closer to God. Jenny also has a Facebook group where she hosts Bible studies you can join!


98) Michaelyn Modglin- @michaelynmodglin

Michaelyn is the founder of The Empowerment Project, so it’s no surprise her Instagram page is full of empowering words. Michaelyn uses her page to encourage others with God’s word.


99) Melanie- @lordtakemyreigns

Melanie inspires others to meditate delight and remember God’s word through her Bible journaling.


As she journals in her Bible, she will sometimes record a Bible study and sometimes post the after product with a summary of the verses she read on Instagram.


100) Hannah Bradley- @passiontoproclaim

Hannah uses her Instagram and blog to share devotions and inspiring stories of her own faith.


101) Hope Moquin- @hopemoquin

Hope shares her own stories of faith and God’s love to encourage others.


102) Chloe Gooden- @chloemgoodenministries

Chloe helps women live a beautiful life on earth and eternity in heaven. She shares stories of faith and encouragement on her Instagram, blog, and podcast.


103) Shanté Grossett- @herstyleoftea

Shanté helps women develop a real and practical relationship with God, embrace their identity in Christ, and find true fulfillment in life. She posts Christian encouragement and her favorite Bible verses on her Instagram and blog.


104) Tee- @coachtee_05

Tee is a wife, mother, mentor, influencer, blogger, and life coach. She shares messages of hope and Christian inspiration on her blog and Instagram.


105) Rondelle Martin- @daily_delle

Rondelle is an Atlanta based Christian influencer. She posts about her faith and candid empowerment.


106) Stefanie Rouse- @stefanierouse

Stefanie calls her social media platforms a diary of Jesus saving her. She posts inspirational captions on her Instagram photos that give us encouragement, hope, and faith in Jesus even during these trying times.


107) Pearl- @purposefullypearl

Pearl encourages and empowers others to live purposefully. On Pearl’s Instagram, she shares posts to empower others through stories of her own life and goals.


108) Elodie Christina- @the.influenceher

Elodie Christina created this community to help and inspire women to grow mentally and spiritually. She posts graphics and stories on Instagram that encourage women to follow through with their goals.



109) Ashley Penny- @ashley_penny_

Ashley is the founder of travelherco, a community for women travelers pursuing, “on earth as it is in heaven.” She documents her travels and posts encouragement on her Instagram.


110) Sheryl Akatio- @sherylakatio

Sheryl and her husband go wherever God leads them, to share Jesus. She documents their travels on her Instagram and her YouTube.


111) Julia- @julsie_ruth

Julia documents her travels and love for Jesus on her Instagram and blog. She’s also learning French, so some of her posts are currently being written in French!


112) Cassie- @cassiescompass

Cassie creates travel guides and documents her experiences traveling on her Instagram and blog. She also loves sharing how traveling has deepened her faith.


113) Emily Lopez- @happy.camper.em

Emily is a traveler who documents her journeys on Instagram. She shows beautiful stories and photos of all of her adventures!


114) Meg James- @goanddogood

Meg is the founder of Go and Do Good, a hotel directory, and a family travel blog, where she showcases her family’s travels.



115) Jamie Erickson- @unlikely_homeschool

Jamie is a podcaster, influencer, and blogger. She shares tips and tricks on all her platforms for Christian homeschooling. She also has many homeschooling resources on her blog.


116) Shawna Holman- @alittlelesstoxic

Shawna is currently a stay at home mom. On her Instagram, she shares tips on keeping toxins out of your life, physically and mentally.


117) Caroline- @themodestmom

Caroline shares tips and stories of her daily life as a mom of seven on her blog and her Instagram.


118) Sleigh Pierce- @sleighpierce

Sleigh shares daily pictures of her journey with motherhood and non-toxic living on her Instagram.


119) Anna Williams- @annabrookswilliams

Anna is a mom of four documenting her life on her Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Some of her most popular content revolves around surprising her family that she didn’t have just one baby – she had twins!


120) Erika Lough- @theloughdown_

Erika is a twin mom who helps other moms with motherhood and overcoming anxiety. She shares daily mom and lifestyle content on her Instagram.


121) Heidi Anderson- @thismotherhen

Heidi is a mom and Instagram influencer. She informs others about Jesus, speaks the truth about motherhood, and does two-minute devotionals on her Instagram every Tuesday.


122) Bibiana Yetty- @bibianayetty

Bibiana is a mom of four living an intentional lifestyle. She vlogs her life on YouTube, as well as shares snippets of her life on Instagram.


123) Tanya Camps- @tanyacamps

Tanya is a former pediatric nurse that helps parents shift their lens and parent with a purpose. She shares parenting tips and advice on her Instagram.


124) Crystal Paine- @themoneysavingmom

Crystal is a podcast host, author, and Instagram influencer. She gives parenting advice, recipes, snippets of her daily life, and much more on all her platforms.


125) Debranetta Howard- @coachd_thecareermom

Coach D helps moms balance their busy lifestyles with parenting. She posts tips and advice on her blog, as well as her Instagram.


126) Allison Weisenberger- @allisonjanel

Allison documents her life as a mom of two on her Instagram.


127) Felicia Graves- @felicia_graves17

Felicia is a millennial homemaker, a YouTube mom, and minimal-ish. She shares encouragement for homemakers, advice, and creates YouTube videos revolving around her busy life.


128) Kendra- @marebearmom

Kendra is a mom of two girls with one on the way. She’s a blogger and Instagram influencer who creates content documenting her everyday life with girls, sewing patterns, and homeschool content.


129) Courtney Schultz- @thecourtneyschultz

Courtney helps others discover the purpose of their mess. She creates blog posts and Instagram content revolving around her family.


130) Vivian Knox- @alwaysworking_mom

Vivian encourages all moms to support each other, as all moms are working moms. On her blog, podcast, and Instagram she shares how-to’s, encouragement, and reviews.


131) Anastasia Carswell- @raisingcarswells

Anastasia is an Alabama blogger who tells stories of her life and faith on her blog and Instagram.


132) Lauren- @thoroughlybeautiful

Lauren shares mom hacks to help make momming easier. She shares funny Instagram reels that show helpful mom tips while giving you a good, relatable laugh.


133) Helen Martens- @creatingajoyfulhome

Helen helps Christian stay at home moms find joy in homemaking and is the founder of the wellness community for mamas. She posts personal stories, encouragement, and everyday life on her Instagram page.


134) Lindsay Kaye- @autismotherhood

Lindsay is a homeschooling mom, raising three boys. She shares everyday life, life as a mom to a son with autism, and stories of hope through Jesus.



135) Angg Tucker- @anggtucker

Angg is a health and lifestyle coach who helps others pursue food freedom with her! She shares her story of health and tips on her Instagram.


136) Bella Zee- @wholisticbella

Bella helps Christian moms say bye to energy crashes by serving their family well-balanced, plant-based meals. On her Instagram, she shares pictures of delicious food, while on her blog she shares the recipes.


137) Rebekah Fedrowitz- @rebekahfedrowitz

Rebekah focuses on integrative wellness. She helps women recover from stress and hormone problems to thrive in their health, life, and purpose.


138) Jessica Hottle- @livingfreelivinghealthy

Jessica is an author, speaker, podcast host, and Instagram influencer, who helps women get emotionally and physically healthy with God at the center. She posts Christian-based fitness inspiration.


139) Kim Dolan Leto- @kimdolanleto

Kim shares the power of God in fitness. On her podcast and Instagram, she shares faith-inspired motivation that equals faith-inspired transformation!


140) Amy Van Slambrook- @amyvanslambrook

Amy is a relationship therapist, trauma therapist, and coach. She uses her blog and Instagram to inspire and help others overcome their past and current situations.


141) Nena Gonzo- @nenagonzofitness

Nena is a personal trainer and health coach. She shares quick workouts and inspiration on her Instagram.


142) Alisa Keeton- @alisakeeton

Alisa is the founder of Revelation Wellness, a wellness instructional training program centered around Christ. Alisa talks about food and fitness in an inspiring, Christian way on her Instagram.


143) Elena Surratt- @elenainmotion

Elena is an Atlanta-based fitness leader that showcases her life and fitness on her Instagram. She is also the founder of Bless the Body, a workout program for confident women.


144) Kat Shultis- @healthyeatss_

Kat speaks the truth about eating disorders and body image. She showcases a mix of fitness, wellness inspiration, and healthy eats on her blog and Instagram.


145) Mona-Jane Hannemann- @rocamoons

Mona is an influencer and YouTuber that shares snippets of quick workouts on her Instagram and full workouts on her YouTube channel.


146) Laura Reynolds- @lauradawnreynolds

Laura is a podcaster and Instagram influencer that helps women get in shape, grow in their faith, and overcome body image struggles.


147) Denika Ross- @denikasross

Denika is a yoga teacher and the founder of Stand Unshaken, a membership to help women discover the energy and confidence needed to live life to the fullest. She posts workouts and snippets of her daily life on Instagram.


148) Lauren Jones- @laurenjonesyoga

Lauren is a yoga and mindfulness teacher who posts her workouts as Instagram reels.


149) Meryl-Lyn Augustine Joshy- @meryljoshy

Meryl-Lyn shares health and wellness videos and inspiration on her Instagram.


150) Bethany Badeer- @bethanybadeer

Bethany is a 24-year-old wellness blogger and Instagram influencer. She shows pics of her favorite wellness products and foods on her Instagram, while she posts recipes and wellness tips on her blog.


151) Megan Weimer- @megnmatcha

Megan is a food blogger focusing on sweet eats with a healthy twist. She posts new recipes to her blog on a weekly basis.


152) Holly Hammes- @holistichealthbyholly

Holly is a functional nutritional therapy practitioner helping others become nourished by real food, movement, and God’s grace on her Instagram.


153) Alayna Kemery- @alaynakemery

Alayna’s goal is to create accessible and affordable wellness for millennial women. Her Instagram and her blog are her very own Christ-centered wellness communities.


154) Nicole Johnson- @_belovedco

Nicole is a health and fitness coach, while also being a lifestyle and faith mentor. She posts snippets of her wellness-centered life, inspiration, and fitness tips on her Instagram.



155) Hannah Walser- @hannahwalserphotography

Hannah is a North Carolina wedding and elopement photographer. On her Instagram, she shares fun reels with snips from her life, photography tips, and elopement advice.


156) Rhianon Brown- @rhianonbrownphotography

Rhianon shoots conscious brands, small weddings, and portraits. She shares her work and personal life on her Instagram.


157) Alison- @soulfocus.photos

Alison is a Central Illinois photographer who is willing to travel the world to take your photos! She also runs a blog where she gives photography tips and personal stories.


158) Rosie Kender- @rosiekenderphoto

Rosie is a New Jersey photographer. She shares her work and snips from her personal life on her Instagram.


159) Robin Kunzler- @purelightphotosbyrobin

Robin is a photographer that strives to capture real smiles and raw emotion in beautiful light.


160) Gerry Myers- @gerrymyers

Gerry is a Houston photographer who shoots lifestyle, seniors, and other content. She also includes snapshots of her own life.


161) Rachel Kunzen- @rachelkunzenphoto

Rachel shoots wedding and family photography in Pennsylvania.


162) Halley Hewitt- @halleynhewitt

Halley is a Knoxville-based couples photographer, but when she isn’t posting her work, she posts behind the scenes of her shoots, inspiration, and editing examples.


163) Bethany Cummings- @bethanygracecummings

Bethany is a Virginia-based photographer who shares her work and her family on her Instagram.


164) Lacy Palmer- @lacypalmerphoto

Along with sharing her photography, Lacy also showcases her family, art, and behind the scenes on her Instagram page.


165) Alyssa Hollis- @alyssahollisphoto

Alyssa is an Atlanta-based photographer that shares her work as well as editing tutorials on her Instagram. She even has her own collection of presets!


166) Makayla Larae- @maklare.photo

Makayla hopes to radiate God’s love by capturing your love. She is a Chattanooga-based photographer who shares her work and her life on her Instagram.



167) Kelly Fellows- @kellyfellows_

Kelly is a lyric-obsessed songwriter who posts her originals and covers on Instagram. She also is a freelance model and shares her life with her husband and their dog. She aims to inspire people to think deeply, express themselves creatively, and go after what they want in life.


168) Cristabelle Braden- @cristabellebraden

Cristabelle is all-around incredible. She’s a singer, songwriter, podcast host, speaker, writer, and survivor of multiple brain injuries. Cristabelle uses Instagram to showcase inspiration and her music.


169) Britain E’lise- @britainel

Britain is a 20-year-old music minister who showcases her music and love for God on her Instagram.


170) Abby Grimaldi- @abbygrimaldi23

Abby is a musician with a love for Jesus. She posts videos of her singing on her YouTube channel and snippets of her personal life on Instagram.


171) Lydia Laird- @lydialaird

Lydia is a music maker and mental health advocate. She posts inspiration and videos of her singing on Instagram.


172) Britt Nicole- @itsbrittnicole

Britt Nicole is a Christian musician that uses her Instagram to share her life, music, and she recently launched a clothing line.


173) Francesca Battistelli- @francescamusic

Francesca is a Christian music artist who uses her Instagram to share her music, her family, and her passion for essential oils.


174) Katy Nichole- @katynicholemusic

Katy is a singer and songwriter currently living in Arizona. Her motto is to “sing it for Jesus.” On Katy’s Instagram, you’ll find singing content as well as encouraging and family content.


175) Skye Reedy- @skyereedy

Skye is an artist and worship leader. On her Instagram, she posts some of her live performances in addition to Christian empowerment.


176) Rachel Zello- @rachelzello

Rachel is a recording artist and huge advocate for children rescued from human trafficking. She posts content about her life and pregnancy on Instagram.


177) Andrea Olson- @andreaolsonmusic

Andrea leads worship, trains, mentors, and writes songs. She is the founder of Overflow Worship, which teaches worship leaders to thrive in their environments. She posts content centered around her music on Instagram.


178) Kate Stanford- @katestanfordmusic

Kate is a Christian singer and songwriter. She posts about her music, herself, and her life on Instagram.



179) Sophia Light- @spark.passion

Sophia is journals about the Bible in hopes to inspire an entire generation to be on fire for Jesus. She shares her beautiful creations and encouragement on her Instagram and YouTube.


180) Lilly Ann- @allthingslillyann

Lilly is a talented artist, Instagram influencer, YouTuber, and small business owner that creates Christian and secular doodles. She sells these creations printed on different items of apparel and accessories in her shop.


181) Morgan Lewis- @lewislettery

Morgan spreads light through hand lettering and illustrations. She shares her art on Instagram and sells her art on Etsy.


182) Naomi Dable- @naomipaperco

Naomi sells paper goods lettered by hand to represent what God’s word is: beautiful and true. She posts her creation on her website and Instagram.


183) Brooklyn Swenson- @brooklynswenson

Brooklyn creates modern folk and religious paintings. She shares her work and the process of creating it on her Instagram and website.


184) Rachel- @mercyremains

Rachel encourages others to live their faith boldy on her Instagram, where she shares her lettering work.


185) Eden Flora- @edenwflora

Eden is a mixed media artist from Mississippi seeking to learn and teach through painting. Her products are available to view on her Instagram and website.


186) Rachael Rector- @rachael_rector_art

Rachael is an incredible painter who shares her work on Instagram and her website, where it is available for purchase.


187) Sarah Tart- @sarahjanetart

Sarah is a Christian artist who shares her work and studio life on her Instagram. She strives to help others curate a beautiful and meaningful home with her artwork.


188) Jana Zuniga- @januaryjaneshop

Jana creates Catholic-inspired art and goods. She posts her work and bits of her life on Instagram and Etsy.


189) Linaya Bunbury- @beliefandeden

Linaya creates hand-painted Bibles and journals which she sells on her Etsy page and posts on her Instagram. Half of all her proceeds are donated to anti-trafficking organizations.


190) Kym Dunnam-DelosReyes- @kymdelosreyesart

Kym is a Christian gallery artist represent across the United States. You can view her art on her Instagram or on her website.


191) Patsy Shaw- @shawmuchart

Patsy is a Christian creative living outside of Philly. She posts her work and personal life on Instagram.


192) Rachelle Marshall- @cloveandfig

Rachelle makes art out of words. She gives Christian encouragement through her drawings. Her drawings can be viewed on Instagram and bought on her website.


193) Ali Hoffman- @theoodlesofdoodles

Ali posts her doodles on Instagram, and each doodle has a Christian devotion or words of encouragement.


194) Elizabeth Jirak- @lizzie_letters

Elizabeth is a 17-year-old Christian artist from Kentucky who letters beautiful, colorful artwork for Instagram. She sells this art printed on shirts and sweatshirts.


195) Laura Arnold- @laurasletterbox

Laura sells hand-lettered Christian delights sent directly to your mailbox. You can view her art on Instagram and her website.


196) Elle Suko- @ellelikestodraw

Elle is a NYC-based visual artist who specializes in illustration, video, creative direction, and graphic design. Her content is super unique, and some of her most popular work is her drawings of people.


197) Kim- @radiatingchrist

Kim is a Bible journaler. She also is a YouTuber and small business owner, where she sells her work.


198) Audrey Bailey- @brushandbarley

Audrey is a Christian artist who letters her work. She shares her work and tutorials for some of her work on Instagram. She also owns the shop Brush and Barley.


199) Isabela Schielke- @isabelaschielkestudio

Isabela feels that she was created to create! She does branding, design, lettering, and illustration. She also has a shop where she sells art prints and stickers.


200) Mary Kate- @joyfullyabiding

Mary Kate uses her Instagram to share pictures of her Bible journaling, inspiration, and the verses she is currently reading.


Lily Scott is a blogging intern at LadyBossBlogger. She currently attends the LIM College in New York City and is studying the business of fashion and visuals for social media.

Who is  your influencer?

If this has blessed you, please share. Remenber you are blessed to be a blessing. Genesis 12:2

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