By Ambassador T. Brikins

President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, fighting the "demon" of ebola.

The Ebola River in Northern Congo in Northern Democratic Republic of Congo.

“We need empirical solution to the cure of Ebola not “divine” solution, was the conclusion of Bayo Olupohunda in his article, “Ebola and a Pastor’s “divine “ solution”.(The Punch, Thursday, July 31, 2014).
But do we need divine solution to the cure of Ebola and perhaps other diseases?
Scientific empiricism is based on or act on observation or experiment, not on theory.
Writing on  the topic,” Problems of world civilization, Achievements and limitations of science and technology”  in the classical  book,  World  Civilizations  by Edward MacNall  Burns, Phiip Lee Ralph, Robert E.Lerner and Standish Meacham, said,  “For solutions they (Politicians and Civil Servants) have continued to turn, paradoxically, to those agencies responsible, in many cases, for the creation of the problems: science and technology.”