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We are back from re-engeneering this blog to focus on its major goal.
Watch out in about 7 days.
Thanks for your great support during our experimental days.

Ambassador T. Brikins


Western Delta University Tackle Challenges Of Deltas

Monday 23, November 2015

Seeking solution to Delta’s problems

Seeking solution to Delta’s problems
 Professor Asagba,(Middle &insert addresses) a world news Conference

By y  

The doubt about why the Western Delta University (WDU) was set up has been laid to rest. It was thrown up by the challenges in the Niger Delta which originated from the presence of exploitable natural resources located in the core states of Bayelsa, Delta and Rivers where the River Niger drained into the Atlantic Ocean.

NUC grants full accreditation to Western Delta University

Thursday 19, November 2015

NUC grants full accreditation to Western Delta University

From Paul Osuyi, Asaba, Nigeria
The National Universities Commission (NUC) of Nigria has granted full license to Western Delta University (WDU) in Oghara, Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State to operate as a private university
Western Delta University was the dream of former governor of the state, Chief James Ibori, and metamorphosed into reality through the efforts of a non-profit making organisation, the Urhobo Advancement Foundation (UAF).


Righteousman lost Voice in Live Performance

25, September 2015

Rev. Roselyn Oduyemi: A Nation Builder.

5 August, 2015

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Not many  people  know that  the natural realm is controlled from the spiritual supernatural realm. Even some who know do not know how to activate such power to benefit mankind. Here @ www.weightiermatters.org, we want to say thank you to a nation builder who opened her spiritual ears into the supernatural to pick the need of the hour when American intelligence predicted the disintegration of Nigeria as a nation.
She reversed the disintegration doom into an integration boom by calling for a  31- day national prayer.

I Was Training to Be a Radical Imam and Then Saw Jesus

3 August, 2015

Thousands of People Are Being Transformed by Jesus Christ in the Arab World as the Gospel Breaks New Ground in a Region Hostile to Its Message and Its Missionaries

By Hermoine Macura , CP Contributor

ERBIL, IRAQ — Amidst the battle against Islamic State across Syria and Iraq, an Arab Holocaust continues to unfold as millions of people flee their extremist ideologies and horrifying violence.
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The situation is reaching a "new level of barbarity with each passing day" that's resulting in "devastating spillover effects across the region," stated U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at a meeting with world powers late last year.

Donald Trump Should Ask God's Forgiveness for Supporting Gambling

30 July, 2015

Donald Trump is certainly commanding a lot of attention in his run for the Presidency. Trump is a real mover and a shaker. A man like him with his business savvy might be able to lead this country back to prosperity. He is confrontational, unwilling to back down from a fight. He is fearless with the press. God bless him! Perhaps he could "Make America Great Again."
  • Mark Creech
Yet there is something about Trump that causes me to hesitate. It's his associations with gambling. Don't get me wrong, I don't make my decision about a candidate running for office on the basis of one issue alone. Still, support for the gambling industry shouldn't be a minor consideration.