60 ‘’ Must- Know’’ Facts About Christianity in Afghanistan

 18 August, 2021

60 ‘’ Must - Know’’ Facts About Christianity in Afghanistan


Mullah Baradar.Likely new Afghan president

'' Hussain Andaryas estimates there are 200- 800 Afghan Christians worldwide. He bases that figure on messages sent to his ministry since it began in 1996. Even if some of those messages were not genuine, he said, the number would be more than evened out by Christians living in remote areas without access to computers. However, the Pashtun translation of the bible has a lot of grammatical errors meaning that the number of Pashtuns of Afghanistan who are a Christian would be very, very low, or quite possibly none at all. Convert Case Sparks Surge of Interest in Christianity Among Afghans''

"We are Christians by the one name of the Messiah. As regards our customs our brethren abstain from everything that is contrary to their profession.... Parthian Christians do not take two wives.... Our Bactrian sisters do not practice promiscuity with strangers. Persians do not take their daughters to wife. Medes do not desert their dying relations or bury them alive. Christians in Edessa do not kill their wives or sisters who commit fornication but keep them apart and commit them to the judgment of God. Christians in Hatra do not stone thieves" (quoted in Mark Dickens: The Church of the East Archived 25 April 2017 at the Wayback Machine)

Are Christians Neglecting the Weightier Matters of the Law?

17th August, 2021

David Green

Posted by Ambassador T. Brikins

Insecurity. Unemployment. Poverty. Greed. Dissatisfaction. Disappointment. Rape. Deceit. Kidnappings and killings. Adolescent and Adult delinquencies. Disease, sickness and  Death, etc.

 These countless  and nameless other challenges are not constrained by  geographic boundaries, economic or political blocs. They are as historic as ancient as they are modern and contemporary.

 They merely become news when they take on new personalities or methods or visit our climes.

 Behind them are unseen forces killing, destroying and stealing. But there is a greater force that has come to give  abundant life to all dead issues.