69 Bible Verses on Hardwork for You to Celebrate May Day

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President Goodluck Ebele A. Jonathan, no1 Employee of the Nigerian State celebrating May Day in 2014

Posted by Ambassador T. Brikins
International Workers' Day, also known as Labour Day in some places, is a celebration of laborers and the working classes that is promoted by the international labor movement, anarchists, socialists, and communists and occurs every year on May Day.

Southern Baptist Pastors' Conference Cancels Ben Carson as Speaker for Political, Theological Reasons

Dr. Ben Carson

Ben Carson, a retired surgeon popular with Tea Party conservatives, waits to speak at a luncheon during the Republican National Committtee's "Building on Success" meeting in San Diego, California, January 15, 2015. The RNC was gathered at the Hotel Del Coronado for their winter meeting.

By Ray Nothstine , Christian Post Contributor

Potential presidential candidate Ben Carson was recently disinvited from a speaking invitation at a Southern Baptist Pastor's Conference in Columbus, Ohio, in June, because of concerns raised by some Baptist pastors.

Jeb Bush: Christians Acting on Faith Is 'Liberating Influence,' But They Need Freedom to Do That

Jeb Bush
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(Screengrab: NHCLC)Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush delivering remarks in English and Spanish before the conference of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference in Houston, Texas on April 29, 2015.

 By Michael Gryboski , Christian Post Reporter

Former Florida governor and potential Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush stated that Christians in America and abroad should have protection to act upon their beliefs.
In a speech at a major Hispanic evangelical gathering, the former Florida governor shared his thoughts on religious liberty and other issues.

6 Interesting Facts About Hillary Clinton's Christian Faith

Hillary Clinton (Photo: Reuters/Mike Segar/Files)
 By Sami K. Martin , Christian Post Reporter

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a news conference at the United Nations in New York in this March 10, 2015, file photo. Hillary Clinton announced her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016 on Sunday, April 12, 2015.
Hillary Clinton wants to be president of the United States, but what actually guides her? The only currently declared candidate for the Democratic ticket was raised in the Methodist tradition and continues to practice that faith today. Here are six interesting facts about Clinton's faith as it relates to her candidacy and personal life.

Nigerian Army Rescues More Women, Children From Sambisa Forest

Channels TelevisionUpdated April 30, 2015


The Nigerian army on Thursday confirmed the rescue of more women and children from Sambisa Forest barely 48 hours after the rescue of 200 girls and 93 women from the alleged stronghold of the dreaded Boko Haram terrorists.

71 get life sentences for torching Christian church in Egypt

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Abdel Fattah el-Sisi
Egypt, President

Cairo (CNN)

 An Egyptian court has sentenced 71 people to life in prison for their role in the August 2013 burning of a Christian church in the Giza province village of Kafr Hakim, state news reports.

Govt shuts 24 churches over noise pollution

Thursday 30, April 2015

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Lagos state Commissioner for Environment, Mr. Tunji Bello

Posted by Ambassador T. Brikins
TWENTY four churches and some mosques in Lagos have been shut in the last one year, for disobeying  environmental laws in the state. The churches, especially faced the full wrath of the law over noise pollution nuisance, often blaring from loud speakers during day service and  vigils.