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President Obasanjo Extols Bishop Oyedepo’s Contributions to Community & National Developments


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Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo, ex- President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

•       People appreciate the existence of Winners' Chapel in Ota and the work of all its institutions. The educational institutions are appreciated most and they have the greatest, consistent and far-reaching impact.         
•       Covenant University has carved a niche for-itself.  Within five years of its existence. It is not unlikely that it will, become one of the role models for private universities in Nigeria and indeed in Africa.
•       The employment creation and generation is what, is hailed by almost all respondents particularly the ordinary people most of whom must have been direct or indirect beneficiaries.
•       The multiplier effect of job creation is worthy of note. With the university and the schools, there are staff and students who have to move within the campus and between the campuses and the outside stations. This generates employment for employed drivers and self-employed transporters. The vehicles have to be maintained and repaired, so there is employment for artisans. Petrol and diesel sellers are making roaring business. All these people - staff, students and all that secures transportation-related employment have to eat.
•       The above presents business for "mama put" cafeteria, seller of food items, condiments and ingredients. No wonder there is a busy and thriving market opposite the gate of Winners’ Chapel. These petty traders and small business people also need transportation to move in transacting their businesses. Therefore, there is mutual interaction and cross-feeding of each other's businesses.
•       The bankers are smiling within their banks because they are doing roaring business as the money made by all businesses end up in the banks. The number of banks operating in Ota has tremendously increased since Winners' Chapel came to Ota: More than 60% of the 24 banks in  Nigeria, today, have branches in Ota according to the local branch of NACCIMA-Nigerian Chamber' of Commerce, industry, Manufacturing and Agriculture.
•       The Winners' Chapel is continuously building structures and expanding its land acquisition. Jobs for construction and building artisans keep on growing. Aderinwale confirmed that such artisans are in short supply and some contractors have resorted to bringing migrant workers from neighbouring countries of Benin Republic and Togo. It has become a beehive of employment generation activities for both Ogun State and the adjoining Lagos State. Yes, this state of affair may not be entirely brought about by Winners Chapel as there are other players in the employment creating activities in Ota, such as industries, other construction works, commercial and retail business as well as other educational and research institutions, but all said and done, nobody who talks of Winners' Chapel impacting on Ota community without mentioning employment generation.
•       The issue of spirituality and religious impact is mentioned, by a few respondents, but the emphasis on that issue, which one will consider the key issue - evangelism - for the founding or establishment of Winners' Chapel seems not to have caught on like the out-flowing benefits of education and employment generation and provision. We can deduce that daily activities make greater impact or impression than the occasional activities of Sunday worships and annual conventions. Again, the impact of the issue of   spirituality or religiosity may not be easily discernible or visible like the educational and job-creation.
•       The few who comment on spirituality and religiosity make the point of transformation of life. Only those whose lives have been touched can be so specific or those who have experienced   those whose lives have been touched or transformed. Even those whose lives have been transformed may be laughed at by those who know them earlier, thinking that they are 'fake' or pretenders.  The issue of spiritual and religious impact must not be ignored as it takes time for the critical mass of impact to be formed that can galvanise a revival.
•       From both the interviews and responses to the questionnaire, some common features have emerged. Both groups of people acknowledge the tremendous blessing of the establishment of Winners' Chapel in Ota. The interviews and the questionnaire responses identify common areas of benefit which are religious and spiritual, though this is not as pronounced in the questionnaire responses as it is in the interviews. The impact of educational institutions and job creation are overwhelmingly hailed in answers to interview questions and questionnaire responses.
•       Aderinwale lists fifteen trades and professions or groups of people who are great beneficiaries of the positive impact of the establishment of Winners' Chapel and Cannaanland institutions.
•       It is noteworthy here to observe that both the interview answers and the responses to the questionnaire with the comments supplied are very complementary. They are very good indicators of the true picture of reality of Winners' Chapel and its impact on the community as expressed by random population sample of Ota Community.

Secret Snippets for Success Sourced from the Heart of Pastor E.A. Adeboye in 62 Books. Part 7


Becoming a Special Carrier of His Glory

Part 7: Becoming A Carrier of His Glory

‘’ The aim of this book is to speed up the spread of God’s kingdom & glory through special carriers of His glorious presence….they are mobile habitation of His Presence’’
That person can be you even now!

In this post;
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