Righteousman lost Voice in Live Performance

25, September 2015

The former secular Reggae artiste turned gospel musician,who went into full time music  ministry had said that," from my background, I would say I am a Christian by religion. But that didn’t make me a born-again Christian. I was just like a cashier in the bank who only counts the money but doesn’t have such money in his account. I knew Jesus but I didn’t have him in my life. Even as my name is Rigteousman, I didn’t have a trace of Jesus in my life.

" 2009 was the turning point. It wasn’t as if I was singing songs that would insult God. Before then, I have always been a conscious artiste. But in 2009, I decided to put a stop to my lifestyle. Sin is very sweet. You don’t need to spend so much to promote sin compared to promoting the gospel."

Other artist who performed very well at the show are Big Bob and Da Bingy Soldiers, Rapture Man, Bobby Finisher and the Covenant Christian Choir[C4].
DJ Gosporella, who had layed his hands on Righteuosman' shoulders to revive his  voice ditched gospel tunes  at the turn-table.

Could you join us to wish him a recovery of his vital asset in his ministry to the Lord.