7 Blessings for Nigeria & Nigerians @ 56

Thursday 6th , October, 2016

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 The Rainbow is God's Token of Remembrance

Posted by Ambassador T. Brikins

I sighted the Rainbow in the sky on the eve of Nigeria’s 56th Independence Anniversary   in Sapele, Delta State about 5:15pm [GMT]. Then the message came in my spirit, Surely God remembered His Covenant concerning Nigeria and you.

Like a nation so her  people and like a people so their  nation.
God cares about people’s welfare. And He definitely cares about your personal welfare too.
When I was in paid employment, I did not realize the toughness of the Nigerian story. I saw Nigeria from my 13 story office building way up in the sky. I saw Nigeria from the tinted glasses of a chauffeured driven air-conditioned car.  I delighted in  reading upscale journals in my profession to help my organization win its market share and scoop the cheese-market shares off the tables of companies who were sleeping.

But since, I took the bull by the horns to quit the cosiness of a cushioned environment of a multinational set up to build a business and an investment, I have been experiencing new realities.
I have met men and women like Nigeria who @ 56 cannot pay their children’s school fees, afford 3 triangular meals for their family. Excuse me 3 meals is not a square but a triangle. A man said before me,' I watched my first son die because I could not pay the hospital bills for his treatment' . This man could jolly well be Mr Nigeria because as we speak, Nigeria hardly provides suitable Medicare for her citizens not to talk of free Medicare, education, affordable food, secured security, employment, etc.
This is not a doom’s day story but a clear look into the reality, that there are people that we must consciously and sincerely provide for and protect in this nation. That is what leadership is all about. It is amongst other things a promotion to where the corporate resource is because such persons have certain power to help those who cannot help themselves. But the sad thing is that most times these people have seen this   privilege as personal. Joseph, was wise to say, ‘…God sent me ahead of you to preserve life’. He did not pay his brother’s back in their own coin. In contemporary terms those who did not vote for him.

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President Muhamadu Buhari of Nigeria
As I write   this story, a revelation I have never had pops up. I am yet to read in the oldest book in the world, the Bible where God actually appeared for the corporate interest of the wealthy. Please you may make good inform us if you have. Yet He seemed to have always appeared to lift the poor and the down trodden from the dung hill and make them to sit with Princes.
‘And God heard their sighing and groaning and [earnestly] remembered His covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob’, Exodus 2:24. In another scripture, it says and God came down to rescue them. That was what made Moses a national hero without a political campaign and being a member of a political party.
At Nigeria’s 56th Independence Anniversary Celebration, I planned to restore this blog weightiermatters.org with a story on the biblical relevance of the number 56. I have never been that frustrated since I started writing about the age 10. My research, brain storming, meditation could produce nothing. I gave up, but the desire to write would not let me be at peace. It clung like an aggrieved lover holding on to your belt saying, ‘you must not go’.
The aha moment came few hours later when I took my phone to look at a shut I had taken while I was being driven home.
‘Rainbow in the sky on the eve of Nigeria’s 56th Independence Anniversary sighted in Sapele, Delta State about 5:15pm [GMT]. Then the message came in my spirit, ‘Surely God remembers His Covenant concerning Nigeria and you’. Genesis 9:13-17.
I posted that picture and message immediately on may Facebook profile Tuoyo Brikins but again I had no peace in my spirit. As I meditated the full import of the message dawned on me like the soft setting of the early morning Sun after a pitch dark black night.

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The Rainbow
The Rainbow is ‘an arc of colored light in the sky caused by refraction of the sun’s rays by rain’. That’s the description of the Rainbow in the Arcus Dictionary.

But, that’s not the message I got.
This is the message and it is for our country Nigeria and for us Nigerians.
‘I set My bow [rainbow] in the cloud, and it shall be a token or sign of a covenant or solemn pledge between me and the earth’
‘And it shall be that when I bring clouds over the earth and the bow [rainbow] is seen in the clouds, [As I had seen it]’
‘I will [earnestly] remember My covenant or solemn pledge which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh: and the waters will no more become a flood to destroy and make all flesh corrupt’.
Well, what about Tsunami, Ogunpa floods etc, somebody asked?
For time and space, I give three evidences.
When the Ogunkpa flood happened in 1980 in Ibadan, Oyo State, South West Nigeria I am told that while all houses were swept away and many lives lost, the house of a particular Rev. Emiko was left standing so much so it became known as Noah’s Ark. Reality therefore is predicated and experienced by belief.

The stories of some Tsunami survivors happened because they believed in God’s word and held onto it in very deadly situations. It is such trust in the word that turns around a bad situation. You may find some these incredible flood survivor stories @ word.www.thoughts-about-god.com and takeupourcross.wordpress.com.
We continue with God’s description of the Rainbow.
‘When the bow [rainbow] is in the clouds and I look upon it [I believed God looked upon this Rainbow], I will [earnestly] remember the everlasting covenant or pledge between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth’. [Genesis 9:12-16]
What is in this Covenant and how does it become a blessed message to Nigeria @ 56?
1. God,  says He will bless you and your Country Nigeria
2. You and your Country Nigeria shall be fruitful and multiply in all that you do.
3. You and Nigeria shall be feared by all Sea, Land and Air Animals. Wicked people serve these creatures and could be possessed by their spirit to do evil.
4. You and Nigeria have been given every moving thing that lives for food, the green vegetables and plants and everything else. So, expect a thriving agric sector after many years of decay. Perhaps, the reason why we have not succeeded in spite of a seemingly common sense is that we as individuals and as we people have not recognized this as a gift and have not put it to heart to give thanks to the Giver.
5. For everyone who spills another’s blood, God says I will require a reckoning
6. Whoever sheds human blood, his blood shall be shed by another man.
7. You and Nigeria shall be fruitful and bring forth abundantly. Christ came to give the abundant life and now is manifestation time.
Since this is an everlasting covenant with the earth, every living creature and humanity,  only His zeal shall perform it[Isaish 9:6-7], He will cause these blessings to prosper in your life if you desire it [2 Samuel 2:3-5]and   God will establish  the covenant Himself [Genesis 6:18].
What is our responsibility then?

We should celebrate it[2 Samuel 23:5], Mention it to our children even as David did in 1 kings 2:2-4, so that the Hand of the Lord will cause us to experience the reality of His Word and reaffirm it as Ezekiel did in Ezekiel 37:24-25.

Please, you are invited to comment on the comment section.

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We must bequeath to our children a lively hope


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