World's Largest Church Flags Off 5th Service

15 July, 2015

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 Bishop Oyedepo,"...clear manifestation of divine visitation"

Posted by Ambassador T. Brikins

The Guinness Book of World Record largest Church Auditorium, Faith Tabernacle at Ota, Ogun State, South West of Nigeria flags off its 5th Service from July 19th , 2015. The auditorium currently holds 4 services every sunday and seats 50,000 worshippers in each service.
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The Presiding Senior Pastor of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, aka Winners' Chaple, owners of the Faith Tarbenacle  said,"What we are having now is not just a church growth experience, but a clear manifestation of divine visitation. Remember what God said to me that ushered us into this strange realms of supernatural church growth:"I ,the God of Wonder-Double is visiting you".

"We have seen tens of thousands of people added to this church in the past few weeks..."

"But for this supernatural growth to be sustained, we must have to create  more room for the people and as the fire keeps burning, God will keep adding to the church more souls daily such as should be saved"(Isaiah 54:2-3/Acts 24:47)

The services which will run for 1 hour 30 minutes each is scheduled as follows:
1st. Service-6:00am-7:30am.
2nd  Service-7:35am-9:05am.
3rd Service-9:10am-10:40am.
4th Service 10:45am- 12:15am.
5th  Service-12:20pm-1:50pm.
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