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May 23rd , 2017

 Supernatural Secrets of Successful Marriage 11

Responsibility  and Purpose  in  Marriage

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Posted by Ambassador T. Brikins

Why do we  marry? How compatible are  our purpose for love and marriage with Biblical Principles on love and marriage?

Social Trends sometimes reflect the biblical purposes of marriage  especially in the West. This trend played out in a Survey carried out on Love and Marriage by Pew Research Center in the United States of America in February 13,2013. In the report, 93% of   married did it for love while 84% of the unmarried said they will marry for love. 
87%  married  for making a life long commitment and 74% will marry for long life commitment. 
81% married did it for  companionship while 63% of unmarried will marry for companionship
59% married for having children while 44% of unmarried will marry for having children. 
31% married for financial stability while 30% of unmarried will marry for financial stability.  
The research asked  married and unmarried separately...1,306 for married 1,386 for unmarried.

Apart from financial stability, the other motivating purposes for marriage align with biblical purposes. But the question would be why the problems and  high divorce rate in marriage ? 

God   created us and established the marriage institution for our good.  He  blessed marriage and gave instructions for its success. He always speaks before a thing happens. ‘But take heed; see, I have told you all things beforehand’. Mark 13:23.’’For the Lord God of Israel says, that He hates divorce and it covers one’s garment with violence’’. Malachi 2:16.

1.    The success of any marriage starts with the husband who as Captain of the marriage ship must LOVE his wife, just as Christ loved the Church and gave himself for her, that He might sanctify and cleanse her with the washing of water by the word that He might present her to Himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy without blemish. So the husband ought to love his wife as his own body; he who loves his wife loves himself. For no one ever hates his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as the Lord does the church. Ephesians 5:25-29

This shows that there are basic responsibilities in marriage which separates the boys from the men. The beauty and beautification of a wife is the responsibility of the man.

In this scripture a secret is revealed in the statement that the husband should do like Jesus Who gave Himself to the Church by, '’... the washing of water by the word’’. The instrument in operation is the word. If we remember that God upholds everything by the word then we must equip our understanding with the role the word of God can have in marriage. When Isaac’s wife Rebbecca was barren he prayed to God and God answered him.
Husbands, love your wives and do not be bitter toward them. Colossians 3:19.
Maya Angelou...legendary Poet, Author etc

Bitterness has to do with a piercing and biting attitude. Bitterness drips resentment, gall and rancor. It makes it very difficult to accept or tolerate  a person. The poisonous potency in bitterness must not be allowed to survive the dawn of day. If it does the individual becomes spiritually defiled.
The consequence is paralyzing as shown in the following statement.
‘Husbands, likewise, dwell with them with understanding, giving honour to the wife, as to the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life, that your prayers may not be hindered’. 1Peter3:7.

This is a serious matter. It means that a husband who does not love his wife will have his prayers hindered.

Joyce Meyer-Televangelist

On the other hand, the wife should SUBMIT herself to her husband, as she would do to God. For the husband is the head of the wife, as also Christ is the head of the church; and he is the Savior of the body. Therefore, just as the church is subject to Christ, so let the wife be subject to her husband in everything. Ephesians 5:22-24.
Wives, submit to your own husbands, as is fitting in the Lord. Colossians 3:18
‘’Wives, likewise, be submissive to your own husbands, that even if some do not obey the word, they, without a word, may be worn by the conducts of their wives,
When they observe your chaste conduct accompanied by fear.
Do not let your adornment be merely outward-arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel-
Rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God.
For in this manner, in former times, the holy women who trusted in God also adorned themselves, being submissive to their own husbands
As Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him Lord, whose daughters you are if you do well and are not afraid with any terror’’. 1 Peter 3:1-6.

This seemingly simple instructions have capacity to deal with terrorizing demons of marriage. To obey the word of God is effective than countless vigils and counsels.

The Marriage Triangle

3.    Everything is created for a defined PURPOSE and as Myles Munroe of blessed memory says, if the purpose for a thing is not known abuse is inevitable. The three main purposes of marriage are for companionship, intimacy and procreation.

4COMPANIONSHIP, is the   state of being or fellowship with someone.  ''It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him'', was the reason God gave for creating the woman.  So, a woman was created to solve man’s loneliness. Furthermore, this companionship was repeated regarding treachery of infidelity.''...Yet she is your companion and the wife of your covenant[made at your marriage vows].  A consciousness of companionship will settle a lot of marital issues.

5.   Another purpose for marriage is for couples  to express INTIMATIMATE LOVE. ‘‘For I am love sick. His left hand is under my head, and his right hand embraces me’. ‘Drink water from your own cistern, and running water from your own well. Should your fountains be dispersed abroad, streams of water in the streets? Let them be only your own, and not for strangers with you. Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice with the wife of your youth. As a loving deer and a graceful doe, let her breast satisfy you at all times; and always be enraptured by her love’’. ‘‘Many waters cannot quench love, nor can the floods drawn it’’.  Song of Songs 2:3-7; Proverbs 5:15-20; Songs of Songs 8:7.

The Romantic part of the Bible is often overlooked. This has caused havoc in some marriages. However, this love songs from Song of Songs reads like   lines from   romantic novels, poems or a movie scene suggesting that intimacy in marriage should be as intimate apparels-woman’s nightclothes. Intimacy in marriage   must be planned, strategized  and even budgeted for. My Spiritual Mother told me that money in marriage is like the water you water the beautiful red red Rose bush. No assumptions.

1. 6 . PRODUCE CHILDREN.  God blessed them, and God said to them, ‘‘be fruitful and multiply…’’.Genesis 1:28. The ability to procreate is a blessing from God which nothing can stop. Fruitfulness is a state of intrinsic existence, potent in itself, imbued by God.
What other positive purpose would you give for successful marriage?

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