As America Celebrates Independence Today

4th,  July 2017

Faith  &  Words Must Work

Donald Trump
President Donald Trump, 45th  President of the United States of America

Posted by
 Ambassador T. Brikins

Faith is God's Gift,
Love is  God's Gift,
Faith Works by Love.

God's own Country,
Who trust in God,
And  blessed by faith and love.

Now is your  time, 
To  bless  the world with  your faith and Love,
By your words and actions.

This is my wish for America.
What is your wish for America?
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Why Did Former President Jimmy Carter shake passengers' hands aboard Atlanta flight?

June 12th , 2017
Former President Jimmy Carter shakes passengers' hands aboard Atlanta flight
Former President Jimmy Carter Shakes Hands with Passengers

The Fox reports that former President Jimmy Carter was recently spotted on a Delta Air Lines flight, where he shook the hands of every passenger before leaving Atlanta.
James Parker Sheffield tweeted video of the event showing a smiling Carter walking down the aisle as he greeted the surprised passengers.
"I was definitely shocked," said Sheffield. "Who expects a president to be on their commercial flight, let alone making an effort to greet every passenger? Everyone seemed genuinely excited and the overall sentiment was that it was really nice to have that kind of moment where Party or politics didn't matter."
"He didn't say much, because he was also trying to be mindful of the flight needing to leave, but that smile said everything for him. He was very authentic in his interaction with each individual," said Sheffield.
Why do you think former President Jimmy Carter did this?
What lessons for present leaders?
You comment below.
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HE's My Life

June 7th , 2017

It's my birthday.
I have been powered by Your multiplied graces.
Father, I thank You for everything.
Father, I praise You yet for everything .
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Suleiman Joshua the yankee...?
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Tuoyo Brikins Thanks Gloria
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Tuoyo Brikins Thanks Shelika
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How Christians Can Deliver the Ideals of Democracy 2

June 1, 2017

The Day Abacha Died!

If Christians don't Bless  the People, then who will?

Posted by Ambassador T .Brikins

Africans and indeed Nigerians don’t rejoice or  speak evil of  dead persons. But the day Abacha died…exactly nineteen years ago  by June 8, 2017! 
I was forced by the roar outside to dash to the balcony of my office overlooking the historic Queens Street in Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria. The  people shouted. The people leaped and jumped   hysterically in diverse directions. They embraced and carried one another. They raised beer bottles to the open  skies. They sang. They danced.The vehicles blared and hooted their horns in mad frenzy. My radical professor friends from the University of Lagos which is near  came with green branches of trees in their hands, waving and dancing to the rhythmic  chorus, ’Abacha is dead, Abacha is dead, Abacha is dead. Abacha don die’’.
This hysterical expression of happiness marked the end of military rule and the commencement of Nigeria’s march to democracy amid bumps on a road yet to be scientifically defined after 18 years of democratic rule.

Democracy Day in Nigeria

May 29th ,2017

…Beyond Buhari’s Absence. God   Cares for Nations…1.

Democracy is about the People

Posted by Ambassador T. Brikins

General Muhamadu Buhari, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who has been ailing was absent today as the nation celebrates its Democracy Day... The Vice- President Professor Yemi Osibanjo   marked their two years in power. However, the reason for democracy Day in Nigeria is beyond personalities. It is about Nigeria as a nation.It is about the well being of Nigerians.

General Ibrahim Babangida: Wedding Brings 30 Aircrafts

May 25th , 2017

Supernatural Secrets of Successful Marriage 3

...The Power of Word Pictures and Power of the Word

God's  Word  Shines Visible or  Invisible Light on Our Path often Paved with    Dark Danger Unknown

Posted by Ambassador T. Brikins
We can realize our dreams in marriage. But dreams require actions or  engagement of relevant knowledge.  About three  years ago,   a grandmother approached me to   narrate her marital pain.  She had been married for about thirty   years. The marriage  was  blessed with male and female children who at the time were University graduates and in good employment.
To her surprise, her   husband who is an ordained minister married another woman and brought her to the matrimonial home. This was on for about twelve years when she narrated this story to me.
My advice was simple but I made  her realize   that believing is an active verb that does something and it is also work.
I commended her to God, and to the word of His grace, which is able to build a marriage up, and to give her a blissful marriage inheritance among all of them which are sanctified. (Acts 20:32)
She was made to focus, imagine, confess, meditate, pray and praise God for His word concerning marriage. She carried the vision of a blissful Edenic marriage despising the urgly reality in her home. She never let go from her consciousness the pictures the word   showed neither did she waver but maintained absolute believe in the power that  word of God  carries.
Three years later her marriage was restored as she desired. The other woman left.

General Ibrahim Babangida: Wedding Brings 30 Aircrafts

May 23rd , 2017

 Supernatural Secrets of Successful Marriage 11

Responsibility  and Purpose  in  Marriage

The Obamas

Posted by Ambassador T. Brikins

Why do we  marry? How compatible are  our purpose for love and marriage with Biblical Principles on love and marriage?

Social Trends sometimes reflect the biblical purposes of marriage  especially in the West. This trend played out in a Survey carried out on Love and Marriage by Pew Research Center in the United States of America in February 13,2013. In the report, 93% of   married did it for love while 84% of the unmarried said they will marry for love. 
87%  married  for making a life long commitment and 74% will marry for long life commitment. 
81% married did it for  companionship while 63% of unmarried will marry for companionship
59% married for having children while 44% of unmarried will marry for having children. 
31% married for financial stability while 30% of unmarried will marry for financial stability.  
The research asked  married and unmarried separately...1,306 for married 1,386 for unmarried.

Apart from financial stability, the other motivating purposes for marriage align with biblical purposes. But the question would be why the problems and  high divorce rate in marriage ?